Veritaseum: a Gateway to Peer-To-Peer Capital Markets

Reggie Middleton Veritaseum

The Veritaseum platform uses blockchain technology, smart contracts, and distributed computing to benefit a variety of industries and entities, and aims to fight economic rents and inefficiencies. Veritaseum builds blockchain-based, peer-to-peer capital markets as software on a global scale and contributes to building a decentralized future. To put it shortly, Veritaseum is a gateway to peer-to-peer capital markets.

Veritaseum’s products include VeADIR (Veritaseum Autonomous Dynamic Interactive Research), VeRent (Economic Rent Facility), VeExposure (Use VERI tokens to gain access to the Financial Machine portfolio), VeResearch (Deep dive forensic/fundamental analysis specifically for cryptos), VeManagement (Backend administrator for the VeADIR portfolio), and VeTokenization (Autonomous Veritas subtoken design and creation).

Veritaseum’s approach is research and analysis-based. The company uses financial forensics, fundamental and macro analysis, as well as consulting to design various Veritas sub-tokens that may serve very specific purposes.

How does the Veritas sub-token creation process work?

First of all, the team establishes goals and creates a financial product and analytical framework that supports the product based on in-depth study and analysis. The financial product is then passed to the tech team that creates Veritas sub-tokens (software licenses) to unlock custom smart contracts.

The software token is issued directly to the Veritaseum customer for direct P2P transfer or to hold — and/or through the appropriate financial machine like the VeADIR.

VeADIR is an interactive, digital research vehicle that offers exposure to its vetted research subjects by using blockchain and smart contract technology. The team says that VeADIR is currently fully functional but is still in beta.

VeRent is not an exchange, but a VERI token rental facility. It is a vehicle for conducting peer-to-peer, over-the-counter token transactions.

VeResearch creates Customized Valuation Models for each and every crypto asset analyzed. Veritaseum offers fundamental, forensic, and macro analysis by a team that has been studying the economics and valuation of distributed value systems since 2013.

VeExposure is the culmination of man (VeResearch) and machine (VeADIR) working together to drop expenses and increase performance while still allowing users to maintain custody, ownership, and control of their assets. The app offers direct access to VeADIR for users that are able to provide both VERI and Ether for exposure.

VeManagement is a portfolio manager that consists of an admin web app and model portfolio derived from VeResearch. The admin UI loads the proposed model from a spreadsheet and presents a changeset to be reviewed and accepted by the portfolio admin by signing it with their private key.

VeTokenization Assets Manager consists of an admin web app, an asset configuration sheet, and an Ethereum registry contract.

How to Get VERI Token via Lumi Wallet

The total supply of VERI tokens is 100 million, circulating supply is 2,036,645 and the circulating VERI inventory equals $22,838,174. Although the team insists that Veritas is not an investment, but a software, you can start contributing into the decentralized economy that the Veritaseum team is working on.

You can now safely store, as well as send, and receive VERI token Lumi Wallet.

First, you need to create a VERI token wallet and in order to do that, just tap the plus icon in the Wallets section, and start typing in the first few letters of the desired wallet and choose the correct one from the list.

To receive VERI tokens, go to your token wallet and tap the Receive button. Copy the address and give it to the person who wants to send you the tokens. You can also share it via social media or messaging apps.

To send VERI, tap on the Send button in your wallet and fill in the address and the sum fields, check the info, and lastly, confirm the transaction.

Lumi Wallet allows you to store, send, receive, and even exchange crypto and many other ERC20 tokens. Some of the most useful features include showing you the value of your coins and tokens in USD as well as crypto, and showing you detailed transactions and market price graphs at all times. We are happy to answer all your questions on our Telegram public chat. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to get the most recent crypto news and useful articles!

Please note that Lumi’s goal is not to provide investment advice but to give you an opportunity to store and manage your digital assets.




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